of Roseville Chiropractor Explains Exercise as a Supplement!?!? AWESOME!!!

Roseville Chiropractor Explains Exercise as a Supplement!?!? AWESOME!!!

Everyone is familiar with taking supplements. Most people actually do take supplements on a regular basis. Why do we do this? Well, it's because we have engineered certain nutrients out of our foods that our bodies need to function to their fullest. We no longer eat wild game, instead we eat farmed meat which is completely and totally devoid of any Omega 3 fatty acids which are critical for cell health, function, and decreased inflammation. We no long get any probiotics (good bacteria for our gut, immune system, and brain) from the plants we eat (assuming we are eating any plants at all), instead we are eating foods depleted of any good bacteria because of pesticides and cleaning our foods with bleach and other cleaners. We supplement with Vit D because we rarely get out into the sun anymore which is how our bodies naturally make Vit D.

So how is exercise a supplement if we can't take it in pill form? Just like we have engineered nutrients out of our food and lives, we have likewise engineered movement out of our lives. In the past if we were cold we would have to chop wood and build a fire. Now we raise the temp on the thermostat, no movement or energy required. If we wanted water back in the day we had to hike to the river and fetch it, now we walk to the faucet and presto, clean drinking water. You want meat, no more hunting, just go to your freezer and put it in the oven...you get my point here, we have engineered movement out of our life. Which is so fantastic in so many ways but the problem is that our bodies need movement to be healthy, heal, and thrive. So we must supplement it with exercise. 30 minutes every single day that you are moving, sweating, and panting. Do whatever you want, whatever you can commit to achieve those three things.

And make sure you are getting regular adjustments to make sure you are getting the most out of your exercise!!


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