Roseville Chiropractor Explains Key to Unleashing Your Best Health…It’s Simple!

Roseville Chiropractor Explains Key to Unleashing Your Best Health...It's Simple!

There are millions of different ways that people and companies claim to give you your best health, a lot of them are good too, but it's been my experience that you need to get to the core of an issue to truly solve an issue. That's why this is the sooooo Key!!

You have your garden. You installed a great drip hose to feed your plants. They are thriving and beautiful because they are getting the their life source on a daily basis. One day you come out and one side of the garden is beginning to wilt. What do you do? Do you dig up the plants and put new ones in? Do you paint the leaves green so they don't look like they are wilting? Do you turn the water on higher? Do you just let them die? What do you do? I hope you'd try to figure out why they are wilting? If you did you would discover that some neighborhood kids were digging for worms and move a large rock onto the drip hose decreasing the amount of water the plants on half the garden were getting. So what's the solution now? You remove the rock, restoring normal water flow and the plants get the nutrients they need to thrive and your garden, with time, is back to it's beautiful natural state!

Now, lets compare that to us, our bodies. the drip hose is our nerve system, giving us our daily vital nutrients and healing capabilities. Our body begins to wilt (get sick) what do we do? Reach for the closest drug? Where more make up? Get a surgery? Or look deeper to find out why? If you look deeper it's likely you'll find that there is a rock on your drip hose (nerve system), it's called a subluxation and can be cause by physical injury, chemical stresses (bad food or toxins), or emotional stressors (who doesn't have those??). A subluxation is a part of the spine that has stopped functioning properly by one or more of those three causes. It, like the rock on the hose, decreases the nerve system's ability to carry vital healing flow to the body which can cause the body to wilt (get sick). Now that you have that information it's obvious what to do, right!? You remove the rock (subluxation) and the way to do that is with Chiropractic adjustments! Remove the interference and allow the body to go back to it's natural state of healing and proper function.

I know it sounds so simple but that the beauty of it, it is simple!! We complicate things too much. We need to get back to the basics to truly excell in this life!!


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