Rejuvenating Exercise in Roseville!!

Rejuvenating Exercise in Roseville!!

Have you ever seen a dog or a cat when they wake from a good nights sleep or a long nap? What do they do? They stretch their paws forward, arch their back, stretch their head back, yawn, and then switch to the rear paws and do the same. It make me jealous to watch them and it looks so satisfying!

Why do they do this?

Inside every joint in the body are little nerves called mechanoreceptors which basically tell the brain when that joint is moving and functioning properly. When a mechanoreceptor fires off because of movement it actually recharges the brain and vitalizes you. These animals naturally do this and it has the same effect, it wakes them up and revitalizes them.

Why don't we do this??

I don't know, but now you can!! Watch the video to see how to activate all these mechanoreceptors in your body and get instant energy!!

Motion is Life!!


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