Sharpen your Axe to Avoid Back Pain, Neck Pain, and other Ailments in Roseville??

Sharpen your Axe to Avoid Back Pain, Neck Pain, and other Ailments in Roseville??

There's a story of an old man who was the fastest and best wood chopper in the world. A strapping young ladd thought he could out chop him so he challenged him. They started chopping and the young man was determined to chop non-stop all day to make sure he obliterated his competition. He looked over at the old man from time to time and the old man was taking breaks frequently. When the day was over they counted the chopped wood and, to the young ladds stunning suprise, he was outchopped. How could this be?? The young ladd questioned the old man saying, "I saw you taking breaks and I never stopped once. How is this possible??" The old man replied, "Yes I took breaks and yes you never stopped, but what you did not notice is that on those breaks I was always sharpening my axe."

Mentally we need to be sharpening our axe, We live in such a complex and anxiety filled world. If we're not constantly sharpening our axe we will get dull and we will work harder and achieve less.

Physically we need to take breaks to take care of our body, yes, even when your body already feels good. That's why every chiropractor gets adjusted regularly, usually 1x a week and why we recommend getting checked and adjusted on a regular basis. If you don't wait for your axe to get dull (Back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, migraines, indigestion, trouble breathing, numbness and tingling, etc) you will be rocking and rolling without problems way more often!

Don't base you health on how you're feeling but on how your healing and functioning. We'll see you next time!!


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