Wagnon Chiropractic of Roseville – Driving Tips in Roseville!!

Wagnon Chiropractic of Roseville - Driving Tips in Roseville!!

We spend so much time driving in this life, expecially those who have to commute. I don't think I will ever have longer than a 10 minute commute but I know there are many who can't avoid. However, having a bus-load of kids we do spend a ton of time int he car, whether it be shuttling them to and from school, scouts, sports, friends, or church activities...not to mention visiting our amazing Grandmother (Grambo - 13 hour drive) in Vernal, Utah and my sister, Krista, in Huntington Beach multiple times in a normal year.

All this time sitting in your car is not good for the spine. "Sitting to the Spine is like sugar to the teeth." So what is one to do? We can't just not drive anywhere (life without visiting Vernal and Huntington Beach is not worth living to me!). That is why I made this video with simple tips to make the best of all the driving we do. Watch and listen carefully and implement it all...it could help you avoid back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, pinched nerves, sciatica...you get the point. Take good care of that spine and body of yours, you only get one!


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