Roseville Chiropractor Explains Why the Adjustment Works Miracles!

Roseville Chiropractor Explains Why the Adjustment Works Miracles!

We see miracles everyday in our office. From the simple neck pain, back pain, or sciatic pain going away to asthma, migraines, irritable bowel, ear infection, or headaches going away. But how does this work. How does adjusting someone bring about such miraculous healing? It's more complex than putting a bone out of place back into place.

Inside each joint of the body there are small nerves called mechanoreceptors. These nerves fire off and send messages to the brain every time a joint moves giving the brain needed information on where the body is in space and time. This is called proprioception. It's what allows us to close our eyes and still be able to know what the rest of the body it doing.

When a joint stops functioning or moving, due to injury or misalignment, the mechanoreceptors stop firing. Nociceptors turn on and start firing when this occurs. These cause noxious signals to be sent to the brain. Sometimes this causes pain and sometimes it causes interference to messages being sent to various organs or parts of the body (which is why getting adjusted can help with things like asthma, headaches, ear infections, etc...).

So the purpose of the adjustment and what causes the adjustment to be so amazing is that it restores natural movement to joints and fires off mechanoreceptors which shuts off nociceptors (noxious interfering stimuli) and allows the body to communicate, function, and heal the way it was designed to!! That's why so many chiropractic patients can stop taking medications for symptoms and health issues and so many report to have symptoms decreased or completely gone!


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