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Cell Phone and Posture in Roseville!!

Cell Phone and Posture in Roseville!!

Cell Phone and Posture in Roseville CA

Cell phones are so wonderfully terrible! They simplify and organize a complex life and they complicate and clutter a simple life. They do so much good and so much bad. It really comes down to how you choose to use them and to do that you have to be aware of what they are doing. I am not going to get into what they might be doing to directly effect, positively or negatively, social activity and ability to focus and connect with others and the world. What I do want to get into is how it is affecting our postures!

It wasn't long ago that I rarely used my phone, in fact, I would say i was one of the last of my friends to own a smart phone. I would poke fun of them and talk about how terrible it was for them to be hunched over them alllllll the time. That one really bit me in the behind. Here we are, just a couple short years later and the whole world is connected through cell phones. I don't know how I got by without one now, and I have caught myself falling into the same trap as my friends some time ago. It's not easy keeping good posture while checking emails and text messages. Just look at the picture above. What a difference good posture makes! The scary part is that we are on our phones so much and our bodies adapt to anything we put them through and our postures are adapting at an alarmingly high speed. Just look at people walking through the mall. The ones with good posture stick out like a sore thumb.

Poor posture negatively affects your overall health in so many ways. It can cause tension headaches which make it hard to function. It will diminsh breathing and contributes to asthma like symptoms, it causes fatigue and affects performance, it makes you look older and heavier, and is a major cause of most back pain.

On the flip side there are so many health benefits to good posture. Your body functions better and therefore will break down slower which allows you to enjoy physical life longer. A good posture will increase a males testoterone by 25%. It will combat depression. It will allow better air flow into the lungs allowing more movement and exercise, again combatting depression. It is slindering. It helps with mental clarity. I could keep going on and on but I think you get the point. So the next time you are on your phone be conscientious of you posture, it is affecting every aspect of life and you can dig a big hole that will be hard to get out of if you dig it too deep. If your posture is already suffering then contact us because chiropractic adjustments are one of the best remedies to poor posture!

Just a side note: Cell phones can be a time-vampire and can kill family experiences (which is why I implemented my own rule of powering it down when I get home from work until kids are in bed, you should give it a try) but I believe there is value in your cell phones when used properly.


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