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Children’s Health and Longevity in Roseville!!

Children's Health and Longevity in Roseville!!

Children are our future. I love children (thus the large family) and for as long as the CDC has been keeping stats on lifespan children have always outlived their parents lifespan. For the first time in history this stat is changing. For the first time in history our children are not supposed to have lifespans as long as their parents. Are our gene's changing? Our gene's have not changed in thousands of years, not the genes. Our lifestyles have changed drastically...I'm not ok with this and I know I'm not alone with that statement.

How do we change this? it's starts with you. One of my favorite quotes is, "Your actions speak so loudly that I can't hear what you're saying." "You have to be the change you want to see in the world." Your kids are watching you. Are you Eating Well? Moving Well? Thinking Well? Do a self assessment. Are you falling into the lifestyle trap of our society which leads to a life of chronic disease and medication? Everything we watch, read, hear moves us in the wrong direction. It starts with our choices. Every choice you make every day makes a difference. If you need help knowing what choices to make you need to come to one of our lifestyle classes, Fuel, Air, Spark. We teach in depth exactly what to do.

Just because they are predicting our kids won't live as long doesn't mean your kid, or mine, has to be a stat. You can change this. Don't allow the world to lead and guide your kids, take the reigns and be their example! Our future is as bright as we make it!! Use chiropractic to help! Remember, it's not just for back aches and neck pains or headaches and migraines (although it does work wonders for that), it's about overall health and optimally functioning nerve system and body. You are in control of your lifestyle! Make it a good one!


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