Dr. Wagnon’s Boy Band Mashup in Roseville!!

Dr. Wagnon's Boy Band Mashup in Roseville!!

You asked for it, so here it is! Our boyband mashup dance that some friends and I performed for a talent show at our church. No poking fun, we thought we rocked it! We held two practices and then the live performance. Talk about a work-out, and we loved it! We were all dripping sweat and panting like old men (we're not "old men" yet are we!?!?).

In the last blog I talked about doing what moves you, this falls into that category. But seriously, exercise can be fun and you should make it fun whenever you can. Our bodies expect movement. People as me how often they should work out and the answer is simple, "only on days that you eat." How long should you work out? Rule of thumb is 30 minutes a day of moderate to intense working out which means you're moving, swaeating, and panting.

So get to it!


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