Go to Bed in Roseville!!

Go to Bed in Roseville!!

For thousands of year's the rhythm of the sun and daylight dictated the rhythm of our lives. The world was a dangerous place in the dark so we grabbed our family and called it a day...early. Nightfall used to signal the end of a day, now it signals the beginning of the 2nd half of the day!

At the heart of the downfall of normal rest and bedtime are Late Night TV (Yes Jimmy Fallon, that is you), internet, Facebook, Instagram, 24 hour drive thru's 60 hour work weeks, and the list could go on for days. We have never been faced with this many distractions to keep us from getting the sleep needed to thrive.

If you're like most people your body expects and requires more sleep than it's getting. Studies show that 90% of Americans are chronically over-tired. Our bodies use sleep to rest and repair and to process the happenings from the day. Hormones are balanced which have a great effect on your energy, your moods, your metabolism, and weight gain...or loss!

There are different sleep phases, namely REM and non-REM. REM is where you dream (not like when you're staring out the window at the sky at work). Non-REM is where your deep sleep is. This is where the magic happens...vital repair and recharge! So what does this mean? Get to bed early!!

You should follow the ciradian rhythm which follows the sun. This is where the saying, "Early to bed, early to rise," comes from. General rule of thumb is to get to bed before 11pm and get at least 7 hours of sleep. I'm not making this up, this is what the healthiest people alive do and what the studies show will give you the best shot at optimal health. My favorite part of this is that an afternoon nap is a most effective method to increase energy, increase focus, and decrease stress hormone release...Awesome!!

Remember it's progress not perfection. Start going to bed just 15 minutes earlier than normal. Do this for 21 straight days (forms a habit) and then go another 15 minutes earlier until desired bedtime is reached.

Make your room your sanctuary. Invest in a high quality sleep surface, a high quality pillow and comfy PJ's! You will spend more time with these things than virtually anything else in life (7+ hours a night for 100 years....wow!!)

Practice efasting before bed 30 minutes before bed. Keep TV, computer, and phones out of your room at all cost! Avoid caffeine and alcohol (seems logical, right!?). And keep conversations relaxed and loving right before bed - focus on positives from the day. Keep a gratitude journal, pray, and visualize a better tomrrow while being grateful for today!


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