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Hello everyone, I'm Dr Eric Wagnon of Wagnon Chiropractic and one of the things I've been thinking about lately is how simple or the simplicity of how the body heals and how the body functions and we, I believe in our minds and our societies, we make it way more difficult than it truly really is because it really boils down to three things. If, if our bodies aren't functioning right, one of these three things or a combination is not working right, and if you've watched any of my other videos, you know you've heard this in a nutshell, but if it's not working right, it may not be getting the proper fuel. What you're eating, what you're putting into your body, your body uses those nutrients to rebuild cells, and if you're eating cheeseburgers and pizzas and ice creams, which most of Americans do, and I do on occasion then that that's the nutrients that your body is rebuilding the body with, right .

But your body was designed to eat natural nutrients, right So if you're not feeling well, your body isn't functioning right. You're suffering with something. Check in on how you're eating and what kind of fuel your body is giving. Number two, it can be from physical stressors, right, so if the body can't function right, if there's too much physical stress on it, you can see the little picture here behind me, all of your organs, everything passes through your nerve system, and if your body physically isn't functioning right, it's going to be interfering with the messages going from the brain to the rest of the body, and that's going to cause the body to decrease in function. When you have a decrease in function over time, it can cause problems and it's just like having a cavity in your tooth. Initially. That cavity doesn't cause you any pain whatsoever, but if left untreated, it left there long enough that Kevin will get big enough and big enough and big enough until it hits that nerve root and once it does, boom, you feel like overnight, I've got this problem, but really it's been a problem that's been brewing for five years, 10 years.

You just didn't realize it was there. The same thing happens with your physical body, right Small problems left untreated overtime will turn into bigger problems. That's why I always say procrastination is the thief of health. If you're suffering, take action now because it typically doesn't just get better. You may symptomatically feel a little bit better, but truly on the inside you're not really better. And then the third element is between your ears. That space between the ears, the most important place in the world. It's your mind, it's your mental processes, is what you're thinking, and if you're constantly watching the news, if you're constantly complaining, if you're constantly hanging around negative people and in being pessimistic, that's basically planting seeds for weeds and the weeds they grow. They don't need any help. They, they grow uncontrollably, whether you like it or not, so don't feed the weeds, right

You've got to feed the beauty that's inside your mind, that's inside your heart, right Be putting good things inside it, right When was the last time you wrote down goals When is the last time you read it over your goals What books are you reading right now Who are you hanging out with and what are your conversations about Are they negative because you can take and flip those conversations. I had a conversation with my son last night. He was complaining about something at school and which he has every right to complain about it, but I noticed everyday when I talked to him, that's kind of the same thing that's playing over and over. So last night I was like, okay, so I want you to tell me something good about school and why don't you tell me something good that's going on. And all of a sudden we had this conversation about the good things that were happening and it just changed the whole mood and the energy.

So you do have control over that, right So start to regain the notice that because when you're in a stressed out fight or flight state, your body's releasing stress hormones which are going to cause you to tense up, which affects you physically, which we just talked about. And when you have stress hormones, you're tensed out physically. Guess what You start craving the bad foods. They go inside your body and then you have a problem with all three of those things. So, um, that, this was just, it was on my mind and it really is. Health is a journey. It's not a location, right It's, you're, you're moving toward it. And as long as you're progressing in that direction and constantly making yourself better, we're not perfect. We're not going to be perfect, but we can always strive and head in that direction. When we catch ourselves messing up just course correct. Get back on, go the right direction. Make sure you eat well, make sure you move well, make sure you think well and make sure that you get your adjustments so that your spine and nerve system, your organs, everything in your body can function optimally and you can feel your best. Until next time, guys, have an awesome day.


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