Functional Fitness: Do What Moves YOU!

Functional Fitness: Do What Moves YOU in Roseville!

Exercise has to be viewed as a supplement. We have engineered it out of our everyday lives which has created a movement deficiency. Our cells expect us to have regular energy expenditure with bouts of REAL exertion. For 1,000's of generations our ancestors walked an average of 10-20 miles per day...without fitbits! I don't ever hear patients tell me daily steps adding up to even 5-7 miles. We have to get this kind of movement in order to experience extraordinary health. Which, by the way, is actually normal!

We all have excuses not to exercise such as no time, no energy, no money, or all of the above! The good news is that exercise is FREE! Teh more energy you invest, the more energy you get in return. Short interval, high intensity exercise gives the best results and it's fun. It doesn't take a long, boring, pavement pounding, gym going, line waiting routine to accomplish. It's called Functional Training. It is the most effective, efficient, and flexible form of exercise. Really it's the only exercise there was until 4-5 generations ago. If you think about it, cavemen didn't do calf raises...

It's moving ourselves in natural ways over distance as quickly as possible. You train movement, not muscles. Moving humans, not machines. My favorite part of functional training is that it's fully scalable, meaning that you will see the teenager working out along side the grandmother. You start exactly where you are. They're shorter's progress not perfection. Simply put, do more than you did yesterday.

All truth be told, exercise is optional. Your choices are: Significantly increase your chance for a long, healthy life or ensure a long painful battle against chronic disease.

I think you should as you doctor is getting off your butt is right for you!


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