Getting the Right Protein in Roseville

Getting the Right Protein in Roseville

Getting the right protein makes a HUGE difference! Your genes dictate our needs. If those needs are met, then you have the the greatest chance of experiencing optimal health. If not met, you will experience sickness. We need only look to our ancestors to know what to eat, fresh plant foods, wild game, and fish.

Anthropologists can now decipher the remains of ancient villages like a modern CSI crime scene. Why do I mention this!? Because it is CRITICAL to understand! If you want to improve you future, know your past! Did you know that these anthropologists have found no evidence, whatsoever, zero, zip, zilch, that our ancestors experienced chronic disease...Awesome!! We have the exact same gene's!

So why didn't they experience chronic disease? They ate wild game, fish, and plants. That's it, that is all they ate. They NEVER ate farmed, feed lot, antibiotic & hormones laden, corn fed beef...ever! We have a delicate balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 6 is found in grain fed fatty meats (virtually every meat out there). Not to mention that most meats are farmed and there is no trace of omega 3 at all. So increase omega 6 and decrease omega 3 and you have an epidemic of silent inflammation leading to all this chronic disease that did not even used to exist.

This silent inflammation is one of the causes of neck pain and back and those pesky pains throughout the body that there is no real answer as to why they're there. Again, the good news is that there are answers. Getting chiropractic adjustments will help take down inflammation and so will eating like our ancestors. My favorite dietstyle to kick inflammation to the curb is the Whole 30. Check it out at and come in to get your adjustments!! And if you know someone suffering, send them in, they will thank you immensely later!! And check us out at


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