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Is Your Health Chance or Choice???

So many people fall victim to poor health and our health care system is set up to encourage this behavior. These are common things I hear as a Chiropractor here in Roseville, "Does anyone in your family have high blood pressure? Then you're probably going to have it too." "Oh, my dad has a terrible back pain and arthritis so that's probably why I do too." "I just get sick easy, and always have, there's nothing I can do about that." While some may argue there is truth to each of those I am here to argue that there is not total truth and that we do have power to make different or better decisions so that we don't have to suffer with so many ailments like back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, high blood pressure and so many more health problems that are out there. You're choices do make a difference, every one of them. Do I work out today? Do I eat the pizza or salad? Do I make it a point to get my regular adjustments? These seem like relatively small decisions but will determine your health and the experience you have while in this tabernacle of clay (your body).

I have experienced both sides of this and see both sides of this on a daily basis, and believe me, better choices are the way to go. I see my patients making better lifestyle choices and they tell me the differences it makes. Yeah, it's great that they feel better and have less pain but the real blessings are the things they get to enjoy more fully and joy they have with family not being distracted with health problems. Choose health, Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, and GET ADJUSTED!!


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