True Reason for Adjustments in Roseville

True Reason for Adjustments in Roseville

I was talking to a great friend yesterday who lives in another state. He had recently gone to a chiropractor (which I had been telling him to for some time now) and asked me a great question. He asked, "Why do I need to be adjusted? It seemed like his adjustment was just the like the one you gave me a while back. Shouldn't my body be able to just heal itself?" The thing is is that I totally agree with him and get where he's coming from. Why do we need to be adjusted, and adjusted regularly?

I pondered his question for a moment then asked him a few questions such as, "Do you sit most of the day at your computer?" Yes. "Have you been through a good deal of stress in recent years?" Yes. "Do you have injuries from sports and other activities that maybe didn't heal quite right from years ago?" Yes. "Do you think our bodies are being used how they were designed to be used?" No. At this point I think he was getting it, a light came on. Adjustments are so much more effective when they are preventative and we live such a stressful sedentary life that it's easy for adhesions and scar tissue to form in the joints of our body and need to be adjusted to function better on a regular basis. This is very similar to brushing your teeth and going to the dentist. In the hunter gatherer days there was no need to even brush your teeth because the diet was what it was meant to be. Lifestyles have changed and it's important we take care of our body because it's the only one we get in this life!

It's important to understand that adjustments are not just for pain relief or preventative care. Back pain and neck pain respond better than any treatment I know of. Headaches and Migraines disappear like magic. Sciatic and carpal tunnel problems go away. But these are not the only reasons for adjustments. The true reason we get adjusted regularly as chiropractors is to improve the function of the brain and nerve system. It's to ensure that the brain has clear nerve pathways to all the organs of the body. It's for optimal health and function. Not what most of the public thinks when the word chiropractic is mentioned but that is the true reason for adjustments.

(I didn't even get into the information that I cover in the video above. So click it and be enlightened!)


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